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Our driving force

Our Mission: For clients in the global drilling and decommissioning markets, Claxton applies innovation, responsive service and proven capability to enable our clients to approach projects with the total confidence that they will be delivered successfully within budget and on time.



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Our vision

To be the first-choice service company for global upstream operations across the life of field.


Our guiding principles for how we do business

At Claxton, we have grown significantly to respond to our client’s needs; our integration strategy means we can offer comprehensive packages. We address problems quickly and efficiently by utilising our in-house resources including, R&D and design.

Safety is at the heart of everything we do, and we are utterly committed to de-risking our client’s projects. We continuously make improvements to build and maintain confidence in our capabilities as an engineering and oilfield service company that delivers.

We believe in straightforward strategies which is why we encourage our clients to engage with us throughout the lifecycle of their assets and not just at the late life stage. We are proactive in devising solutions to suit each individual project and believe that flexibility is the key to overall success.

Building strong, long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with our clients has resulted in a solid returning client base. Our teams are personable and easy to work with so clients can expect the same level of respect and diligence from every member of Claxton staff, from the salesperson to the offshore technician.

Value 1:           RESPONSIVE
Advantage:      (Our competitive advantage)
Decisions:        Quality + Added Value + Efficient.

Value 2:           COMMITTED
Advantage:      (The success of our stakeholders)
Decisions:        Safety + Dedicated + Accountable.

Value 3:           STRAIGHTFORWARD
Advantage:      (Our approach to business)
Decisions:        Proactive + Integrity + Clear.

Value 4:            PERSONABLE
Advantage:       (How we behave)
Decisions:         Respectful + Collaborative + Positive.

Our value statements reflect how we live, breathe and reflect in all our daily activities. They are the guidelines for driving every employee’s day-to-day decision-making and are the tools to help bring the Claxton brand to life.

Andy Norman BW - 590x620

Our expert view

“To drive our differentiator, we have worked hard over the years to communicate our brand consistently and have taken every opportunity to provide a compelling case for working with us. This we believe has helped to ensure that Claxton has been remembered and recognised for all the right reasons.”

Andy Norman - Head of Brand & Marketing


Claxton contributes to parent company Acteon’s vision to shape and lead an evolving global subsea services market.

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