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Safety is at the heart of everything we do

Claxton is utterly committed to undertaking our business in such a way as to minimise the risks of injury or ill-health to our people and damage to property.

Health & Safety

As part of our commitment to safety excellence, we have attained ISO 45001:2018 certification as part of the company’s overall IMS. Claxton routinely gets excellent health and safety results in client audits. In 2018, our operational departments handled their largest work scope to date; a 28 well severance and recovery campaign – spanning 11 months, resulting 3.5km of casing recovered – all without a single lost time incident or environmental issue.


Within our Management System, we have incorporated the requirements of ISO 14001:2015 and gained full certification. We believe our current activities, and status of business development, constitute limited environmental impact.

Nevertheless, in all aspects of our business, we are committed to protecting the environment from avoidable harm.

Our pioneering decommissioning tool, SABRE™ is a tacit example of this focus – SABRE™ uses an environmentally sound mix of air, water and a naturally occurring mineral cutting medium to cut conductors abrasively. It replaced environmentally damaging explosive severance methods with a quick, clean and safe alternative.



Ultimately, quality is about attention to detail and good communication – two things our clients regularly tell us we excel at.

Our philosophy of responsive, practical service is at the heart of our approach to quality management. This is evident in the form of fast response and clear communication of clients’ objectives and requirements and complemented by products and services of appropriate high quality, reliability, safety and cost-effectiveness.

We have implemented a formal Integrated Management System (IMS) and have gained certification to ISO 9001:2015.

Our dedicated in-house quality team help us continue to raise the quality bar as the business grows – they keep our equipment certified and ready to mobilise on a moment’s notice, and just as importantly, communicate quality issues across the entire business.


Ultimately, quality is about attention to detail and good communication – two things our clients regularly tell us we excel at.

Nathan Darnell BW - 590x620


“By no means do we plan to stand still. The aim of an effective QHSSE team is to promote QHSSE within the business. This means supporting colleagues to develop the tools required to work safely, whilst meeting the needs and expectations of our clients. It’s important that each employee takes responsibility for the part that they play in this mission. The key focus for the QHSSE department will be to gain a thorough understanding of the greatest risks to the business and prioritise our efforts accordingly. It’s also important that we build strong relationships with employees at all levels and work with them to bring culture to life.’’

Nathan Darnell - Head of QHSSE, Claxton


Claxton is uniquely positioned to innovatively solve clients’ offshore operating challenges and add value to projects to achieve overall increased efficiency.