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How does Claxton manage safety processes and procedures?

Our QHSSE management system (IMS), contains all our procedures and risk assessments and is certified as being in accordance with industry and international management standards:

  • Quality Management Systems – requirements (ISO 9001:2015)
  • Environmental Management Systems- requirements (ISO 14001:2015)
  • Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems – requirements (ISO 45001:2018)

What quality control and testing procedures take place at critical points during the lifecycle of a project with Claxton?

Claxton is experienced in formulating quality plans in collaboration with our clients, to define the project activities that will be required to lead to a successful outcome, including the control of inspection and testing events, such as dimensional inspections, NDT, pressure testing and factory acceptance testing (FAT), which clients and independent competent bodies are invited to witness.

How does the Claxton Integrated Management System (IMS) operate?

Our IMS framework is a live system, based on structured standards of best practice, delivering:

  • Consistent quality for products and services
  • Control for occupational health and safety risks and to facilitate improvement on performance
  • Ability to establish, implement and maintain account of environmental legal requirements and to control our significant environmental aspects

This documented system is the first point of call for both organisational and operational documentation, with all the tools in one accessible place.

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How does Claxton demonstrate their commitment to the environment and comply with legislation?

Claxton has invested in Intelex: the world’s leading environment, health and safety, and quality (EHSQ) management software, providing a robust and secure system covering:

  • Document control
  • Meetings management
  • Mobile and offline capability
  • API access
  • Root cause analysis
  • Data import
  • Audit trail
  • Benefits of the EHSQ community

Intelex’s web-based management systems optimize business performance, enable regulatory compliance, and streamline ISO initiatives.

Claxton also subscribes to an HSE legislation update service, to ensure that our legal compliance database remains current.

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