Well & valve equipment database (WAVE)

The WAVE (wellhead and valve equipment) management system is a bespoke Claxton developed database designed to manage all wellhead and production valve maintenance activities.

A one-stop solution for managing your well and valve equipment inventory.

The WAVE (Wellhead and Valve equipment) management system is a bespoke Claxton developed database designed to manage all wellhead and production valve maintenance activities.

WAVE has been built from the ground up to be user-friendly, compliant with standard Microsoft packages. As such, WAVE is easy to operate, user friendly and can be operated via an internet connection from site locations or the office.

Clients can access WAVE for

  • Planning
  • Trending and Analysis
  • Maintenance data storage
  • Creation of well-specific workpacks
  • Storage of platform and well-specific data and images
  • Use in the field via an internet connection

WAVE builds on the proven experience of Claxton in developing unique solutions that enhance client operations. WAVE uses a combination of Microsoft packages as its base – meaning ease of use and compatibility with existing systems .

Like all software, WAVE benefits from a hands-on demonstration – contact us at info@claxtonengineering.com to arrange to see WAVE in action.

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