Surface wellhead replacement

The extensive suite of field-proven tools and services provided by Claxton enables us to provide robust and safe support for surface wellhead replacement, maintenance or repair procedures.

Removing old or damaged wellhead equipment, providing on-site tooling and service and installing new parts – or full wellheads – is all part of our scope of supply. This is particularly true in the UAE region, where our client base is growing all the time.

Claxton wellhead replacement

A Claxton service technician working on a wellhead replacement job in the Middle East.

Unique surface wellhead replacement capability…

Unique to Claxton is the ability to rapidly design and manufacture replacement or retrofit parts, or simply supply complete new wellhead systems – without the long lead times of other suppliers.

Being independent from major wellhead suppliers also means we can service a variety of different equipment and manufacturer interfaces, thus ensuring flexibility for our clients.

This service includes hot tapping, cold cutting, wellhead services and the supply or sale of tools to support the repair / replacement process. Naturally Claxton provides experienced personnel to run all of our tools and services.

Surface wellhead replacement from Claxton benefits from our experience of working with the wellhead equipment of every major manufacturer – and our own wellhead design and supply business.

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