Wellbore cleaning tools

Claxton has an expansive track record of successful tieback operations—part of this success stems from our proprietary range of  wellbore cleaning tools and flushing /brushing tools, designed to facilitate the cleaning of wellbores or tieback threads. We developed our flushing and brushing tools to ensure the success of our own operations — and offer this same level of quality to customers wishing to run the tools themselves.

Just one of a range of wellbore

A Claxton flushing tool – just one of a range of wellbore cleaning tools we offer.

Wellbore cleaning tools supplied

  • Profile brushing tool
  • Riser brushing tool
  • Flushing tools
  • Combination scraper brushes
  • Crown plug brush
  • Cameras and Camera frames / running tools

Flexible tooling options

  • Custom brush profiles to suit project requirements
  • Fast track design and build for short lead times or project-specific tooling
  • Flexible sale or rental commercial terms
  • Field-proven camera systems supplied to inspect brushed areas

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