Platform well tiebacks

Claxton has performed more than 700 platform well tiebacks around the world and have subsequently developed a detailed understanding of what needs to happen to make your project succeed.

Our clients can also benefit from a wide range of custom designed tieback rental equipment, including running tooling and down-hole camera systems. These have been developed to complement the major wellhead and mudline/subsea system manufacturers’ components. Claxton’s project engineering team can rapidly devise and effective platform well tieback program for your project.

Claxton engineers on a platform well tieback campaign

Our project engineers and service crew on a tieback campaign.

Platform well tiebacks  from Claxton benefit from…

  • Procedures tried and tested over hundreds of successful tiebacks
  • Management of all interfaces (operator, drilling contractor, platform, equipment suppliers) allowing the client to focus resource elsewhere
  • Incorporating tieback engineering into template design ensures cost effective operations
  • Access a wide range of specially designed tieback rental equipment for this field of operations.

Claxton’s tieback engineering capability benefits from the same customer focus we apply to all aspects of our business.  we take a full-service approach from planning, to procedures, to interface management to the actual offshore operations, including the provision of the specialist tooling. Tiebacks from Claxton are further enhanced via our bespoke engineering capability.


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