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Riser conductor tension systems

Systems to interface with existing equipment or rig

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Claxton has supplied many major rig operators with riser or conductor tensioning systems that mitigate stress and enhance fatigue performance.

Riser and conductor tensioning systems are critical in offshore drilling operations, so leave nothing to chance, invest in the best expertise and discover how our record-breaking solutions offer reassurance and add value to your operation.

These systems apply a pre-calculated load (tension) to provide rigidity to the riser or conductor during drilling operations and reduce the applied axial loading from the blowout preventer stack and well control equipment.

As a system, riser tensioners need to be robust enough to withstand harsh environment forces and be reliable throughout your drilling operation. Claxton’s riser tension systems are well-proven in the field and are supported by experience gained via our unrivalled subsea riser supply capability to most of the major drilling rig operators.

Claxton can supply bespoke tension systems at short notice and has also supplied systems up to a record-breaking 1,000 tonnes.

With both sale or rental contracts available, Claxton can supply complete systems including riser tension rings, c-plates and HPUs, or modular packages that will interface with your existing equipment or rig.

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Benefits and features of Claxton’s riser tension systems: 

  • Passive or fully active systems available 
  • Flexible solutions – we provide either a pushed or pulled load facility 
  • Supplied with shackles, heavy duty connecting slings and all hydraulic hoses for interface and system connections 
  • Fast-track and cost-effective build service 
  • Compact design to ease handling and positioning issues 
  • Comprehensive site surveys can be undertaken to determine the interface requirements 
  • Operated using standard mineral oil or environmentally friendly non-marine pollutant fluid 
  • Experienced personnel provided for system installation, commissioning and training 
  • Air operated HPU minimises the zone rating issues associated with electric units 
  • Flexible commercial terms are offered – with both sale or rental contracts available.  

An unrivalled subsea drilling riser supply capability is enhanced through the supply of pioneering riser and conductor tensioning equipment from Claxton.

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