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Conductor cementing support systems

A bespoke and flexible system

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Claxton’s conductor cementing support system can save significant rig time on each conductor being installed. 

It has become increasingly common for operators to install a jacket, drill through the jacket structure and batch-set the platform’s conductors ready to install the topsides. This is followed by a rig being brought over the jacket and used to run the conductors. Traditionally the rig would have to hold each conductor in place while the cement cured, however, Claxton has devised a vital time-saving solution. 

Tailored to operational requirementsClaxton’s conductor cementing support system reduces rig time by between 12 and 18 hours per conductor during the cementing process. The low-profile design engages under the starter-head at the required height and is then hydraulically actuated to hold the conductor in position for the cement curing time. This removes the requirement for the rig to maintain the starter-head position and is free to skid over to the next slot to run the next conductor. 

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Further increase efficiencies

It is possible to increase efficiencies even further with this system by having two conductor cementing support systems running simultaneously on a project. Whether one or two systems are used, the process greatly reduces the time required to batch-set conductors and delivers significant rig time savings.

The financial benefit of the Claxton conductor cementing system is a clear choice when batch setting conductors. The system has proven itself in the field on projects for major operators in the North Sea.

Conductor Cementing Support Systems specifications:

Holding Capacity 135-160 tonnes with other capacities on request
Conductor Diameter 24″ – 30″ Design can scale to any conductor size on request
Vertical Travel 150mm – 300mm Bespoke cylinders can be supplied to suit individual project requirements
Footprint Tailored to your slot/jacket configuration
Power Pneumatic HPU and electrics to power the pressure monitoring system


The Claxton conductor cementing system means that there is no longer a requirement for a rig to hold each conductor, allowing it to skid over to the next slot to run the next conductor.

Benefits and features of the conductor cementing system: 

  • Hydraulic incremental stroke control and load indication housed in a compact low clearance mobile unit 
  • No crane needed – Thanks to a compact design, the system uses heavy-duty castors and does not require the use of a crane or rig to reposition within the well bay/platform structure. Slings and lift points can also be provided should the operations be more suited to a conventional installation 
  • Small footprint  The system is designed so the jacking element can be deployed and retrieved through the diverter housing (49.5″ diameter ID housing), especially useful when deck space is limitedThere is one system that we have completed for this type of running through the diverter, but generally, they are either split in design or wide enough to have the conductor run through it without splitting 
  • Flexible by design – Built to order, the system is completely tailored to the client’s platform and project specification 
  • Aligns with client installation schedule – The system can be split in half, giving the client the flexibility to run the conductor either before or after the system has been put in place 
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our expert view

“Derived from decades of well conductor experience, the Claxton conductor cementing system has been used successfully in the field on projects for major operators in the North Sea. The system saves vital rig time and provides scheduling enhancements across an entire project as a result.”

Wayne Stotton, Product Leader for Tension Systems & Tension Rings, Claxton