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Tensioning of risers & conductors

Critical systems for offshore drilling

Riser and conductor tensioning systems are critical in offshore drilling operations. Claxton’s solutions offer reassurance and add value, leaving nothing to chance.

Claxton has supplied many major operators with riser or conductor tensioning systems to mitigate stress and enhance fatigue performance. We can supply bespoke tension systems at short notice and have even supplied bespoke systems to support up to 1,000 tonnes.

The tensioning systems apply a pre-calculated load to provide rigidity to the riser or conductor during drilling operations and reduce the applied axial loading from the blowout preventer (BOP) stack and well control equipment.  

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Case Study


BG Group plc approached Claxton to provide a conductor tensioning system to meet some unusually demanding requirements. The company wanted to drill in water depths of 78 m in the Jackdaw field using the Rowan Gorilla VI jack-up drilling rig – nothing too out of the ordinary so far. However, as Chris Kyson, project engineering team leader, explains, “A combination of the way the rig was configured, the environmental conditions in the area and the fact that BG Group wanted the system to be capable of withstanding the sort of seas normally associated with a 50-year storm, resulted in the need for a conductor tensioning system that could generate up to 400 tonnes of load.”

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Riser buyers guide Riser buyers guide
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Drilling Riser Buyers Guide

Discover how we have shaped a turnkey service that has already helped hundreds of operators and projects around the world achieve their desired outcomes.

Risers & tensioning case study pack Risers & tensioning case study pack
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Drilling Riser and Tensioning Case Study Pack

Download the Claxton drilling riser and tensioning case study pack to discover how we have saved clients time and money through innovation.


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Claxton is uniquely positioned to innovatively solve clients’ offshore operating challenges and add value to projects to achieve overall increased efficiency.

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our expert view

“An unrivalled subsea drilling riser supply capability is enhanced through the supply of pioneering riser and conductor tensioning equipment. Supplied for sale or rental, Claxton has field-proven designs up to 500 tonnes for risers, conductors and BOPs.” 


Wayne Stotton - Product Leader for Tension Systems & Tension Rings, Claxton