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Wellhead recovery tool

Positive-grip recovery clamp

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A safe, secure method of retrieval for subsea wellheads during well abandonment operations.

During subsea well abandonments there is often a requirement to provide a fixed positive grip to the slick outside diameter of the pipe or well conductor housing, or even the wellhead profile itself. A proprietary positive-grip recovery clamp for subsea wellheads, the Claxton tool is designed to provide the solution through a safe, secure method of retrieval.

The modular design of the unit means it is capable of being configured on the job to change between common wellhead profiles of differing sizes and aggressive slip profile to engage into plain pipe.

The unit provides full-bore access, allowing the tool to be run and secured, forming a fixed datum for other operations such as abrasive severance.

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Benefits of Claxton’s wellhead recovery tool include:

  • Full bore access to the internal pipe or housing is maintained when installed
  • The tool can be fitted with a fixed landing shoulder to provide the ability to land out on a given reference or datum point
  • Can be fitted with internal slip inserts to suit a range of diameters as required
  • Operated and locked onto the pipe by means of an ROV mounted power pack and ‘zero leak’ hot stab, meaning that no umbilical is required
  • Can withstand typical hydrostatic forces that are encountered when using explosives for wellhead severance
  • Field-proven down to 1200m

The Claxton subsea wellhead recovery tool provides a fixed positive grip to a slick outside diameter of pipe or well conductor housing.

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