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Temporary abandonment cap removal tool

A rigless solution for use on mudline systems

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Designed to complement Claxton’s suspended well abandonment package, the innovative tool safely retrieves caps from mudline wells to enable well abandonment operations.

The Claxton temporary abandonment cap removal tool (TACRT) can be deployed from a vessel for the removal of temporary abandonment caps from mudline wells. The tool utilises a bespoke joint connection to facilitate easy make/break of extension joints without the need for torque equipment. The use of extension joints means the tool can remove caps in excess of 100ft from the top of a well.

The TACRT can be provided as a stand-alone tool but is primarily used as part of Claxton’s subsea well abandonment package in conjunction with our SWAT™ and low-pressure packer systems.

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Benefits of Claxton’s temporary abandonment cap removal tool include:

  • Deployed from a vessel, removing the need for a drilling rig
  • Deployed as part of a total suspended subsea well abandonment package
  • Rated output torque of 36,000Nm / 26,500ft lb
  • Uses a bespoke reaction can to react off the well conductor
  • Interfaces with all cap running tools
  • Does not require torque equipment to make/break connections
  • Proven across multiple successful offshore campaigns

The dual-seal mechanical technology of the connector eliminates the need for machined or welded mating profiles which means that our clients benefit from time and cost savings.

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