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Suspended well abandonment tool and low-pressure packer tool

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Proven across over 120 North Sea wells, Claxton’s suspended well abandonment tool, SWAT, can rapidly perforate, circulate and place the required cement barriers in the well annuli through a wellhead during subsea well abandonment operations.

Claxton’s low-pressure packer tool provides a simplified solution with similar capabilities to SWAT, best suited to mudline well systems.

We understand that our clients don’t always have the right equipment when it comes to plugging and abandoning subsea or mudline wells. This is why Claxton has successfully developed and deployed our cutting, abandonment and recovery tooling across the world for our clients. This includes many category II wells of which all required a shallow cement barrier spanning through the casing annuli.

This experience directly influenced the development of our multi-award-winning suspended well abandonment tool – SWAT. Delivered in conjunction with our sister company, InterMoor, SWAT opens the opportunity for innovative, cost-saving multi-operator campaigns.

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Rated to 5,000 PSI, SWAT is capable of being deployed from any dynamic positioning (DP) vessel, landed on the wellhead and then used to carry out casing perforation, followed by clean-up and placement of the required cement barriers in the well. The wellhead can then be severed using SABRE™, Claxton’s subsea abrasive cutting tool, and recovered using our wellhead recovery tool, utilising the full subsea decommissioning package.

Using the wiper ball system with SWAT isolates the cement from the wellbore fluid and provides the mechanical barrier to spot cement on, removing the possibility of slumping. This leaves the client with a high-quality, uncontaminated and fully tested cement job.

Benefits of Claxton’s SWAT include:

  • Deployed from a vessel or jack-up lift barge (JULB), removing the need for a drilling rig
  • A fully integrated solution to place the intermediate and environmental cement barriers across the well annuli
  • Single-deployment for perforation, cementing and pressure testing
  • Deployed as part of a total suspended subsea well abandonment package
  • Cost-effective alternative to using a drilling rig or lightweight intervention vessel
  • Subsea disconnect safety feature in case of vessel drive off
  • Wiper ball extension module provides a barrier between cement and well fluids to reduce contamination during placement
  • Bespoke tooling for mudline wells consisting of low-pressure packer and temporary abandonment cap retrieval tool
  • Diverless operation

The first tool of its type, SWAT™ holds the Queen’s Award for Innovation in the UK, and the prestigious Petroleum Institute Platinum Award for Innovation.

Complementary services and tooling for SWAT:

  • SWAT extension module – The extension module for SWAT enables us to set environmental and intermediate barriers, increasing the number of wells that can be abandoned using rigless, vessel-based tools and presenting cost-saving opportunities. The extension module utilises Claxton’s existing SWAT tool to enable cement to be displaced to the required location in the well in excess of 2,400 ft below the mudline.
  • TACRT – Temporary abandonment cap retrieval tool
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Decommissioning Buyers Guide

Download our decommissioning buyers guide to learn how we can provide solutions for both platform and subsea well abandonments and casing recoveries.

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Decommissioning Case Study Pack

The Claxton offshore decommissioning case study pack showcases our vast experience of delivering successful decommissioning projects.

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“The products, tooling and personnel supplied by Claxton, provide a cost-effective timely end to end solution for client’s decommissioning requirements. Delivered in conjunction with our sister company, InterMoor, SWAT opens the opportunity for innovative, cost-saving multi-operator campaigns.”

Neil Watson - SWAT Product Leader, Claxton