Subsea drilling templates

Claxton has an enviable track record of designing, supplying and installing subsea drilling templates. Thanks to a large library of pre-existing designs, our drilling templates – like many of our products, can be produced to tight timescales.

Over 55 major developments benefit from Claxton subsea drilling templates, here’s just a few of the reasons why:

  • Class-leading experience in design and installation – we’re confident that we’re among the most experience template suppliers in the world
  • Fast response and short lead times, due to a vast library of designs
  • Preparation of detailed and optimised rig-specific installation procedures and equipment lists to minimise rig time required
  • Closely tailored to project requirements by an experience design and engineering team.

Pre-installation checks for this 15-slot drilling template we supplied to Statoil.


Types of drilling template supplied:

  • Bottom Founded  – for standard applications with relatively flat seabeds with an inclination that does not exceed project tolerances
  • Conductor Supported – for applications where a conductor is in situ. Primarily where the seabed requires the template be supported
  • Conductor Installed – the template is run with the conductor. The benefit being that installation work is primarily surface based – this application is useful for applications where an ROV is not available.

Subsea drilling templates are bespoke structures, designed to add value to the drilling operation. Claxton is able to bring significant experience to these designs to help to ensure operational success.

Every Claxton drilling template is designed for robust, safe and efficient installation, which can be either from a rig or pre-installed from a suitable vessel ahead of the rig’s arrival.

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