Overtrawlable protective structures

Claxton supplies protective structures to protect subsea assets such as wellheads, xmas trees and manifolds from harsh environments and maritime activity. Our structures are designed in-house to NORSOK standard U-001/ISO 13628-1 (or your required local standard) and benefit from the extensive structural expertise of our design and project engineering teams.

Our subsea protective structures can be installed (either by your own team or by our experienced offshore crews) from either drilling rigs or the back of boat. We can assist with and seek verification from the local authorities and/or fishing/trawling experts with experience from the particular area concerned.

Don’t get in a tangle!
Snag free structures from Claxton protect against dropped objects, marine environment or maritime damage, are fully ‘overtrawlable’ and are designed to carry all applicable loads that may affect the structure and piping systems during all phases of its life.

Worldwide experience
We bring the benefit of our worldwide experience in subsea operations to provide a full service from concept to installation, backed up with a suite of field-proven running tools, installation procedures and industry-leading camera systems to verify successful installation.

Claxton subsea protective structure being installed

One of our subsea protective structures being installed offshore


Subsea structure expertise
Claxton’s structural experience extends to multiple subsea products and projects. We worked across the structural spectrum – from conductor guide centralizers to complex bespoke drilling templates, to solving installation challenges and extending the life of entire plaforms. All of that experience is applied to our subsea protective structures to ensure success.

Whether you need a subsea protective structure for sale or rental – or for a standard or bespoke application, talk to Claxton.


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