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Low cost, high-value solutions

Claxton’s growing experience in the evolving renewables industry is underpinned by our broad-ranging engineering expertise. Over the past three years, Claxton has delivered over 50 engineering projects for heavy lift contractors and offshore wind companies globally.

Covering all stages of the process from construction through to installation and decommissioning, we offer project design, engineering and manufacturing, onsite project execution & offshore deployment and management services.

Claxton can design, engineer, manufacture and deploy project-specific cleaning manipulators ranging from jetting lances and grit blasting services to bespoke linear and circumferential cleaning manipulators, that can provide the adequate surface finish or removal rates.

A clean pile surface is critical to the condition of ageing offshore assets and efficient grouting operations, but marine growth and other surface debris can affect grout adhesion between a pile surface and transition piece bore. Any delay of more than a few days between monopile installation, transition piece placement, and grouting operations can be costly. Our complete marine growth removal service produces excellent results every time.

Decom buyers guide Decom buyers guide
E-book download
Decommissioning Buyers Guide

Download our decommissioning buyers guide to learn how we can provide solutions for both platform and subsea well abandonments and casing recoveries.

Decom case study pack Decom case study pack
E-book download
Decommissioning Case Study Pack

The Claxton offshore decommissioning case study pack showcases our vast experience of delivering successful decommissioning projects.



Claxton is uniquely positioned to innovatively solve clients’ offshore operating challenges and add value to projects to achieve overall increased efficiency.