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Tubing recovery

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Recovering tubing once the downhole severance has taken place is not an issue with Claxton’s array of flexible techniques which provide a decommissioning end-to-end solution.

Offshore decommissioning operations often require a bespoke solution when it comes to tubing recovery, which is why we engineer technology to save rig time for clients. Drawing from our experience in conductor recovery and well abandonment, Claxton delivers bespoke cutting and recovery packages which can negate the need for a rig. When combined with our well control, cutting and recovery packages and delivered by our expert crew, an end-to-end cost-effective solution is achieved.

Claxton’s clients’ operations benefit from our in-house design team who create recovery systems to interface with the existing well and platform systems enabling tubing to be pulled in varying lengths to suit the requirements. We recommend that our recovery interfaces are complemented by equipment from our cutting fleet which includes both bandsaw and SABRE™ abrasive jet cutting technology to achieve an optimal solution.

The tubing recovery service also includes all necessary safety devices including deck hatch covers which are designed to make well slots safe during the recovery phase.

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Our experts are on hand to answer any questions and devise a bespoke solution to operating challenges.

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Discover the benefits of Claxton’s flexible tubing recovery service:

  • All tubing sizes can be recovered
  • Tubing can be broken-out or cut at any length to suit the clients’ recovery requirements, making the operation as efficient as possible
  • Rig-based and rigless options available
  • Bespoke solutions for small platforms or those with questionable structural integrity
  • Specialist methodology devised from Claxton’s experience in rigless conductor recovery operations and platform slot recoveries

We recommend that our recovery interfaces are complemented by equipment drawn from Claxton’s cutting fleet, to achieve an optimal solution.

Decom buyers guide Decom buyers guide
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Decommissioning Buyers Guide

Download our decommissioning buyers guide to learn how we can provide solutions for both platform and subsea well abandonments and casing recoveries.

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Decommissioning Case Study Pack

The Claxton offshore decommissioning case study pack showcases our vast experience of delivering successful decommissioning projects.