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SABRE™ and multi-string cutting (MSC)

Abrasive cutting package for decommissioning

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The SABRE™ and MSC subsea abrasive cutting packages are flexible severance solutions which can be combined with other Claxton innovations to achieve results on wells that cannot be easily severed by mechanical means, either platform of subsea.

Proven across multiple global campaigns, Claxton’s SABRE and MSC internal abrasive severance packages will cut all the casings in a well, including those with eccentricity, or various annuli contents and casing loading.

With an extensive track record SABRE and MSC have proven to be invaluable tooling packages based on their successful use on some of the most significant abandonment campaigns in the North Sea, Gulf of Mexico and Far East Asia. Having cut over 400+ multi-string wells in waters up to 250 meters deep, and 28 wells in a single campaign, SABRE and MSC make light work of even composite materials such as cemented casings.

The equipment uses a mixture of air, water and abrasive garnet at up to 1,000 bar to cut through the multiple steel casings and annuli, with the abrasive jet exiting the tool at transonic speeds ensuring optimal cutting performance. The system, when teamed with other Claxton proprietary equipment, forms the backbone to the Claxton rigless abandonment spread.

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Claxton offers a full-service cutting and recovery solution. The benefits include:

  • Capable of being run inside 6.5⁄8″ casing
  • Proven for cutting from 7” to 36” and capable of cutting at water depths down to 1,500ft (500m)
  • Cutting manipulators can be adapted to suit all casing sizes – standard plus special
  • A packer system that can optimise cutting performance through de-watering of the wellbore
  • Casings that can be cut and recovered simultaneously or individually
  • Can be combined with Claxton’s platform, subsea and rigless decommissioning packages
  • Minimal modular deck spread which can be made under 10 Te for ageing assets
  • Fully NORSOK compliant to Z-015
  • Providing complete well severance and significantly reduces in-well operational time by up to 60% with superior cutting speed of typically 4-6 hours cutting time dependent on well conditions
  • Can cut multiple strings of grouted casing in a single trip
  • Can be used on platform and subsea wells
  • Capability to lock on to and retrieve most well profiles in the world at the current time
  • Options available to plug flow by ports for effective sealing
  • Environmentally friendly when compared to explosive method
  • Alternative sealing methods that can be considered based on well internal conditions

The SABRE™ and MSC packages are flexible meaning they can be combined with other Claxton innovations including WellRaizer® or Wellhead Retrieval Tool to achieve results for the smallest of platforms, to the most challenging subsea wells.

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Decommissioning Buyers Guide

Download our decommissioning buyers guide to learn how we can provide solutions for both platform and subsea well abandonments and casing recoveries.

Decom case study pack Decom case study pack
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Decommissioning Case Study Pack

The Claxton offshore decommissioning case study pack showcases our vast experience of delivering successful decommissioning projects.

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“SABRE™ has been used on many North Sea decommissioning campaigns, a recent highlight being the complete severance and recovery solution for 28 wells. During the recovery operation, the casings were drilled, pinned and recovered as a single multi-string recovery. The Claxton team even designed a compact marine growth removal tool especially for this recovery process to operate within the confined space at the production deck.”

Matthew Marcantonio - Head of Decommissioning, Claxton