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Platform well abandonment

A turnkey modular decommissioning solution

When it comes to abandoning platform wells, even when deck space is at a premium or the structural integrity of the asset is in question, Claxton can rise to the challenge.

Rig-based or rigless operations, with multi-operator campaign potential, combined with innovative tooling are used to achieve a timely and cost-effective solution. Claxton’s flexible platform well abandonment packages can be applied to any asset type and further optimised through simultaneous operations (SIMOPS), reducing the utilisation of heavyweight assets.

Claxton can deploy our innovative range of equipment along with providing deep expertise in abandonment planning, assisting with plugging and abandonment of the well plus full severance and recovery to support clients throughout the whole lifecycle of their project. We understand that each well abandonment project has bespoke requirements and there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution, which is why we often develop project-specific tooling and utilise clients’ existing assets.

Claxton has also developed a dedicated suite of equipment to be used in tandem with a jack-up lift barge (JULB). This means that the smallest, and even failing platforms, can be abandoned safely and cost-effectively without the use of a rig.

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Case Study


As part of their wider decommissioning programme in the Southern North Sea, an operator called on Claxton to abandon seven platform wells, plus one abandoned tieback well, across two of their platforms. This was a challenge which Claxton was ideally qualified for, given our track record of successful decommissioning campaigns in the North Sea over the past 23 years.

Decom buyers guide Decom buyers guide
E-book download
Decommissioning Buyers Guide

Download our decommissioning buyers guide to learn how we can provide solutions for both platform and subsea well abandonments and casing recoveries.

Decom case study pack Decom case study pack
E-book download
Decommissioning Case Study Pack

The Claxton offshore decommissioning case study pack showcases our vast experience of delivering successful decommissioning projects.



Claxton is uniquely positioned to innovatively solve clients’ offshore operating challenges and add value to projects to achieve overall increased efficiency.

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our expert view

“Ageing wells are an ever-growing challenge for operators. Many of the well interfaces are obsolete, which means that well intervention equipment sometimes needs to be developed specifically for a campaign. The Claxton decommissioning team works closely with the operators to understand the project requirements to achieve a bespoke end-to-end solution.”

Matthew Marcantonio - Head of Decommissioning, Claxton