Platform slot recovery

Platform slot recovery (also often called conductor slot recovery) has proven to be a robust solution for operators looking to extend the life of their assets – cost effectively removing conductor to enable new wells from existing platform infrastructure.

Claxton has recovered numerous platform slots for operators all around the world using our field-proven fleet of cutting tooling and methodologies we’ve engineered and refined over multiple mobilisations.

With decades of abandonment, decommissioning and platform slot recovery experience Claxton has developed many innovative solutions to the technical challenges and operating issues faced when recovering old conductors. These challenges have included performing rigless operations and working to recovery conductors with fatigued connectors – both of which have posed no problem to our range of bespoke tooling and fast-track design engineering capability.


Claxton equipment in use on a slot recovery operation for Maersk.

Platform slot recovery packages from Claxton include…

  • Abrasive or mechanical cutting options
  • Torsion or ‘jacking’ cut verification systems
  • Conductor recovery interfaces and equipment
  • Drilling and pinning to secure conductors for safe recovery
  • Hydraulic lifting systems for recovery of conductors
  • All interface equipment for safe lifting and handling
  • Design and provision of whipstocks or conductor deflection tools to run the new conductor
  • Design and supply of bespoke interfaces to recover conductors.

Platform slot recovery from Claxton is supported by an extensive suite of rigless conductor recovery services that have been used with successful and cost-effective results across the globe.

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