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Internal leg cutters

Modular adaptable cutting tools

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Drilling Late-Life Decommissioning
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Claxton’s newly developed internal leg cutter (ILC) is used in conjunction with the Claxton JetCut system. The ILC is a robust, reliable and field proven tool.

The ILC has a fixed upper body, a rotating lower nozzle assembly, and six centralising pins at the upper body, situated at a strategic location to provide optimum and stable tool alignment prior and post cutting. These pins are operated by cam, which in turn are powered by electro-hydraulic control system to ensure tool alignment is synchronised.

The ILC tool can cover 85.5” to 94.25” of pile/leg internal diameter as standard and it can also be adapted to other sizes as per clients’ requirements, thanks to its modular design.

Leg cutter

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Deployment of the ILC tool

During deployment, the centralising pins and nozzle assembly are retracted into the body of the tool whilst the guide cone fins at rotating body and centralising wheels at the upper body provide the protection of the tool, which then allows the tool to slide down the internals of the pile/leg and provides preliminary centralising prior to the final grip.

The ILC can be deployed by a vessel crane or an independent winch system into the open top of the pile. Once lowered to agreed cut elevation, the centralising pins and nozzle assembly are extended. A complete pass is then carried out using HP water to verify that the rotation and nozzle assembly is fully functional and that the cutting cam is in contact with pile wall. Once the cleaning/test pass is completed, abrasive is introduced to the HP water and a full cutting pass is completed, including a 10 degree over cut ensuring complete severance. The circumferential movement of the cutting head is controlled using electro-hydraulics, with the cutting process monitored by a radial encoder which gives the operator accurate real-time readings of the nozzle position within the pile.

Claxton cameras can be mounted and deployed on the ILC to provide live HD video feedback and recording capabilities to the operator. ILC can also be configured with our internal lift tool (ILT) to provide single operation cut and lift solution to pile/leg structure.

The ILC tool can cover 85.5” to 94.25” of pile/leg internal diameter as standard and it can also be adapted to other sizes as per clients’ requirements, thanks to its modular design.

Benefits of Claxton’s internal leg cutters tooling include:

  • Newly developed tool with dual nozzle configuration along with dual abrasive supply, provide full redundancy during cutting operation
  • Electro-hydraulic control system provides fine control of nozzle extension, cutting speed and monitoring of various parameters, and smaller configuration of umbilical for easy of deployment
  • Modular construction provides ease to adept various pile/leg diameter as per client requirement and also can provide single cut and lift solution when coupled with ILT
  • Tool centralised by cam and cylinder, which is operated by electro-hydraulic control system providing firm grip to internal wall
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