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Conductor guide centralizers

The critical interface between the platform structure and well

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From harsh environments like the UK North Sea to low-load applications in the Far East, in all situations, Claxton centralizers demonstrate a rugged, fit–for-purpose design that saves operational time and cost.

Whilst appearing to be simple devices, centralizers provide a service at the critical interface between the platform structure and the well, where the conditions imposed upon them can be severe. Claxton’s extensive knowledge and integrated approach assure that clients can be confident about our centralizers delivering the performance needed to protect the conductor throughout the lifecycle of the asset.

Claxton has deep experience in designing and installing conductor guide centralizers for clients all around the world, either in the yard or offshore at the installation. Our in-house design team are also experienced in devising bespoke solutions and troubleshooting for existing assets which may be in place.

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Our experts are on hand to answer any questions and devise a bespoke solution to operating challenges.

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Fixed or adjustable solutions to suit various deck levels including subsea, splash zone, cellar deck, standard or bespoke, and high or low loadings, centralization requirements vary in line with applications and loadings.

Designs will need to adjust not only to the geometry of the guides and conductor sizes but also to the specific loads and maximum clearance allowance based on the riser analysis.

Claxton supply multiple sub-designs depending on the level at which they are located on the conductor and the time of installation – prior to running the conductor or after the conductor is already in place. The centralizer types that Claxton supplies are listed below.

However, centralizers come in two main configurations, depending on the application:

  • Fixed – reducing the radial clearance between the conductors and their guides for new installations within a range of tolerances.
  • Adjustable – adjusted when fitted to give minimum radial clearance limiting riser movement to a minimum as well as impact loads.

Claxton has deep experience in designing and installing offshore conductor guide centralizers for clients all around the world. Our in-house design team are also experienced in designing bespoke solutions and troubleshooting existing assets which may already be in place.

Centralization methods provided by Claxton:

Claxton has a range of options within each of these types to cover numerous applications – contact us for more information.

Centralizers buyers guide Centralizers buyers guide
E-book download
Centralizers Buyers Guide

Download Claxton’s centralizer buyers guide for in-depth details on finding a bespoke solution for even the most challenging centralization projects.

Asset life extension case study pack Asset life extension case study pack
E-book download
Asset Life Extension Case Study Pack

Download the Claxton structural asset life extension case study pack for details on slot recovery techniques, centralizers, replacement platform guides and other bespoke solutions.

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our expert view

“We support our clients from the offset with new developments. During the concept phase of the new platform, we provide advice on the sizing of the guides to simplify the centralization of the new wells. We then design, supply and install the drill bushing, conductor centralizers, cellar deck centralizers and internal centralizers, if required.”

Ann Vicens - Product Leader for Centralizers & Asset Life Extension, Claxton