Riser vortex-induced vibration suppression systems

Vortex-induced vibration (VIV) can seriously – and negatively – impact stress loads on a riser. Claxton provides vortex-induced vibration suppression systems that are closely aligned to riser analysis results, ensuring VIV is negated and the operation of the riser system is enhanced. VIV can cause serious stress to riser or conductor systems – either reducing the fatigue characteristics of the system, or in extreme cases, causing physical damage to the riser and components.

Drilling Riser with fairings for Statoil

The fairings on this riser, which was supplied to Statoil to drill offshore Norway, were supplied by Claxton to offset VIV predicted by riser analysis.


As one of the leading providers of drilling risers in Europe, Claxton has unrivalled understanding of the performance and running of risers – so clients can be sure that our VIV suppression systems deliver. We provide a a number of options to assist with VIV including fairings and suppression strakes. Additionally our close links with sister company Pulse Structural Monitoring mean we can delivery full, realtime monitoring of the riser system – enabling continuous information on how VIV may be affecting the riser system and providing valuable real-world data to inform future riser systems and drilling campaigns.

VIV is just one part of a complete riser supply capability from Claxton that enables riser systems to be fully tailored to your drilling plans – ensuring maximum safety, reliability and operational safety.

High pressure drilling riser animation

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