Riser analysis

As well as holding a vast inventory of rental riser systems, Claxton provides riser analysis and design consultation that draws on extensive in-field riser experience.

Riser analysis – and engineering a riser to perform optimally against the subsequent results – are essential. To meet this need,  Claxton routinely works with the other specialist riser companies in the Acteon group, 2H Offshore and SRP. Collectively we’ve delivered world-beating 12,200psi technology and regularly leverage our joint experience to provide both riser analysis and engineering solutions to the issues posed by analysis results.

Drilling Riser with fairings for Statoil

The fairings on this riser, which was supplied to Statoil to drill offshore Norway, were supplied by Claxton to offset VIV predictd by riser analysis.

Recent examples of our work include the design and manufacture of bespoke items to help an operator to interface with non-standard, in-situ equipment, and fast tracking the subsequent riser design and build – a critical-path activity.

Claxton’s riser inventory – which includes one of the largest stock’s of riser spools / joints in Europe – and large equipment inventory mean we can quickly tailor a system to analysis results  and meet the needs of your drilling campaigns.

High pressure drilling riser animation

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