HPHT drilling riser systems

Our award-winning 10,000psi riser system uses a shrink-fit flange to negate many of the issues inherent in working with HPHT-grade riser materials. Subsequently, this new drilling riser technology enables the drilling of HPHT wells from a standard jack up – at a stroke enhancing the economics of HPHT projects.

The advent of a reliable process  to negate the issues inherent in welding high-grade steels has enabled HPHT drilling from jack ups for the first time – it is now possible to create API NACE compliant systems that operate in excess of 10,000psi.

The riser negates welding through the use of flange technology developed in-conjunction with our sister company, Subsea Riser Products. Instead of welding, the flange is heated until it expands and can be fitted over the riser joint pipe – once cooled and ‘shrunk’ this process, along with a profile inside the flange, creates a join that is stronger than the yield strength of the riser joint – the pipe would fail before the seal itself. Even greater back up is afforded due to the bore pressure actually energising the seal – the higher  the internal bore pressure, the greater the union between the flange and joint.

10k drilling riser joint

This flange has been attached via the new shrink fitting technology.


Thus, our award-winning shrink-fit flange negates many of the issues inherent in working with HPHT-grade riser materials by replacing weld completely.


  • The world’s first API NACE compliant full-bore (18 ¾”) access riser capable of working at pressures in excess of 12,000psi (operating pressure 10,000psi)
  • The world’s first attachment of flanges to a riser by shrink fit process
  • Allows high pressure wells to be drilled by a standard jack-up rig with a surface BOP, avoiding the need for a floating vessel with subsea BOP

Shrink Fit Flange:

  • Based on well established physical principles.
  • Contact friction and machined profile give load capacity.
  • Mechanical back-up with capacity greater than pipe sections.
  • The seal mechanism is enhanced as the riser internal pressure increases.
  • Shrink fit gives excellent fatigue performance – no weld and low stress concentration.

Shrink Fitting:

  • Induction coils are wrapped around the flange which is then insulated.
  • Flange heated up using induction coils.
  • Cold pipe is then inserted in the flange in a carefully controlled operation
  • Once the flange cools a super-strong connection with the pipe is created – negating the need to well HPHT-grade materials.

High pressure drilling riser animation

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