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Subsea riser systems

allow jack-up rigs to drill and workover subsea wells

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Claxton’s industry-leading subsea riser products are designed to be deployed worldwide in a broad range of applications.

Our engineering excellence and riser design capability provide an integrated approach to subsea risers. Claxton has been designing, building and installing complete subsea riser systems since 1999 and our experience means that we are able to meet the needs of challenging projects within short lead times.

We understand that every project has bespoke requirements and whatever the phase – from planning and system integration through to the deployment and operational stages – venture and commercial requirements can be fully accommodated through our flexible rental or purchase options.

Our subsea riser stock comes in a wide range of specifications. Additional lengths, diameters and pressures can be rapidly produced to suit specific requirements.

Claxton also holds one of the largest drilling riser subsea stock inventories in the UK – with systems up to 12,200 psi and a full list of supporting equipment including subsea connectors and tensioning systems. Our rental inventory provides multiple bore, pressure and subsea connector options offering a solution tailored to provide maximum operational benefit to a drilling campaign.

Subsea Riser Systems - Main 1

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Our experts are on hand to answer any questions and devise a bespoke solution to operating challenges.

Subsea Riser Systems - Main 2

 More than just risers 

  • Full drilling riser system supply – From individual drilling riser joints through to complete riser systems with tensioning equipment, VIV suppression and subsea connectors, Claxton riser systems can meet the needs of our clients’ drilling campaign 
  • Subsea connectors and adaptors – Our subsea drilling riser systems are complemented by our comprehensive inventory of subsea connectors, drilling adapters, quick-connectsDSA flanges and bolting/gasket stocks 
  • Rapid mobilisation – Our inventory is available for rapid mobilisation from stock and with 100% back up 
  • Multiple pressure configurations – We supply systems for pressures up to 12,200psi, with a variety of joint connection options, from flanges to quick-connects 
  • A pioneer in tensioning – Claxton is a pioneer of riser tensioning equipment, supplying proprietary tension ring and system technology 
  • Flexible commercial options – We provide risers on sale or rental terms to suit the needs of each individual project 
  • Our close relationship with other riser specialists in the Acteon groupnotably 2H Offshore and SRP, means we have extended capability where required 
  • For clients that prefer to hold their own equipment – we also provide a full design, manufacture and project management service incorporating riser analysis and certification to the required specification

Claxton has been designing, building and installing complete subsea riser systems since 1999 and our experience means that we are able to meet the needs of challenging projects within short lead times.

Subsea riser ancillary equipment

Claxton offers a wide range of ancillary equipment and services to ensure that our clients drilling riser project are as efficient as possible. Over 4,000 items of rental equipment support our riser supply and we carry an extensive inventory of subsea connectors, riser handling tools and other installation equipment. 

Subsea connector and ancillary equipment

  • Subsea connectors (18.¾” H4 E, ExF, DWHD types – 13.” 5K hub profile) 
  • Subsea connector transportation frame and test stumps to suit all connectors 
  • Subsea connector control system (HPU, reelsumbilicals, sheaves, umbilical clamps) 
  • Subsea connector guide frame 
  • ROV control panel 

Riser installation equipment

  • Riser spiders (manual and hydraulic) 
  • Riser handling tools (manual and hydraulic) 
  • Multi-stud bolt tensioners 
  • Hydraulic bolt torque equipment 
  • Pneumatic bolt torque equipment 
  • Gasket handling tools  
  • Consumables – gaskets, stud bolts 

Rig interface equipment

Additional equipment

  • VIV suppression systems (strakes and fairings) 
  • Riser fatigue monitoring systems 
  • Riser analysis 
Riser buyers guide Riser buyers guide
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Drilling Riser Buyers Guide

Discover how we have shaped a turnkey service that has already helped hundreds of operators and projects around the world achieve their desired outcomes.

Risers & tensioning case study pack Risers & tensioning case study pack
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Drilling Riser and Tensioning Case Study Pack

Download the Claxton drilling riser and tensioning case study pack to discover how we have saved clients time and money through innovation.

Premier Oil

client testimonial

Claxton’s innovative approach, combined with their continued offshore and onshore support, means that the HP Riser has been used to successfully drill the first nine wells (at time of writing) on time and safely. We are confident the work will be completed successfully and used on the final wells for the Catcher, Varadero and Burgman fields in Block 28/09a up to the end of the contract in 2019. 

Mal Evans - Drilling Superintendent, Premier Oil