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Riser Installation Equipment

Tools to enhance installation safety and efficiency

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Claxton offers subsea riser design and industry-leading quality products including riser handling tools which can be successfully deployed worldwide in a broad range of applications.

To ensure safe, fast riser handling, Claxton has developed a complete suite of tools to enhance drilling riser running. We provide a full range of internal and external tools to assist handling, including the NT-2 riser handling tool.

Claxton’s riser handling tools form part of our unrivalled subsea and surface riser capability. We have been running risers for over three decades and have built an enviable track record through hundreds of offshore mobilisation projects which has enabled us to continuously expand and develop our tooling suite.

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The Claxton NT-2 Drilling riser handling tool

The Claxton NT-2 riser handling tool fully supports the drilling riser system during installation and recovery operations with the capability to circulate and fully pressure test the drilling riser system remotely.  

Benefits and features:

  • Able to perform a well-bore pressure test of 7,000 psi while holding 308 tonnes in tension 
  • Prior to blowout preventer (BOP) installation, the handling tool can act as a contingency method for applying 400 tonnes of tension to the drilling riser system with no internal bore pressure 
  • Interfaces with either a Grayloc 192 or 196M gasket seal profiled 18-3/4”-15,000psi NT-2 pin 
  • Visual indicator rods to show tool locked and unlocked status 
  • Manual override feature to lock and unlock the tool 
  • Design verification – our tooling is DNV approved and verified in accordance with DNV-OS-E101, API 16F, API 6A, API 8C, API 7G 
  • Our tools come with DNV 2.7-1 certified container for transportation and storage 
  • Supplied with a combined HPU and umbilical reel to power all tool functions 

We have been running risers for over three decades and have built an enviable track record through hundreds of offshore mobilisation projects which has enabled us to continuously expand and develop our tooling suite.

Hydraulic tool for riser handling

The Claxton hydraulic tool for riser handling provides a wide range of benefits. In contrast to conventional flange tools, it eliminates the need for using traditional bolting and manual torqueing-up. This technology removes a significant proportion of the hands-on work associated with flanged connection make-up.  

The tool is supplied as a complete package and can be operated from a distance, minimising the risk of dropped objects, or to simultaneous operations. These features translate into substantial make-up timesavings and reduced risk to personnel.  

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“Claxton is offering hydraulic tools to all our riser clients as part of our focus on efficiency and safety. The value of the tools is best illustrated by the fact that two leading operators have purchased the tools for their own inventories.”


William Robinson - Product Leader for Risers, Claxton