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Riser analysis

Assessment for operating guidance optimisation

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Drilling Decommissioning
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Riser analysis and engineering of a riser to allow it to perform optimally and safely against the subsequent results are essential to provide a fit-for-purpose drilling riser system.  

Claxton provides a comprehensive drilling riser analysis service and design consultation that draws on extensive in-field riser experience for optimum performance during drilling, workover or decommissioning operations. 

Claxton’s riser inventory, which includes one of the largest stocks of riser spools and joints in Europe, means we can quickly tailor a system to analyse results and meet the needs of clients drilling campaigns. 

Our riser analysis engineers routinely work with other specialist companies in the Acteon group, including 2H Offshore and SRP, to engineer bespoke solutions. Collectively, we have delivered world-class 12,200psi technology and regularly leverage our combined experience to provide seamless solutions to any issues posed by the analysis results. 

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Our experts are on hand to answer any questions and devise a bespoke solution to operating challenges.

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Riser expertise and review: 

Claxton can review information including wellhead, Xmas treestructures, well location, and proposed jack-up rig.   

For the project planning phase Claxton offers: 

  • Surface HP Drilling riser systems – Riser analysis management and interpretation of results including feedback to wellhead OEM, if necessaryAnalysis of the riser only or the complete well to mudline, incorporating conductor guides, centralizers and wellheads. 
  • Subsea HP drilling riser systems – Riser analysis management and interpretation of resultswith additional feedback to the wellhead and Xmas tree OEM, if necessary. 

Input into hazard identification (HAZID) and hazard and operability study (HAZOP) are applicable in both surface and subsea systems. 

Claxton has been designing, building and running complete subsea riser systems since 1999 and our experience means we are often able to meet the needs of challenging projects at short notice.

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