Riser tension systems

Claxton riser tension systems are robust and fully-proven via supply to most of the major drilling rig operators.

Riser tension systems apply a pre-calculated load (tension) to provide rigidity to the riser or conductor during drilling operations, and reduce the applied axial loading from the blowout preventer stack and well control equipment.

As a system, riser tensioners need to be robust enough to withstand harsh environment forces and be reliable throughout your drilling operation. Claxton’s riser tension systems are well-proven in the field and are supported by experience gained via our unrivalled subsea riser supply capability.


A Claxton riser tension system being installed offshore.

Claxton riser tension system features

  • Passive or fully active systems available
  • Flexible solutions – we’re able to provide either a pushed or pulled load facility
  • Supplied with shackles, heavy duty connecting slings and all hydraulic hoses for interface and system connections
  • Fast-track and cost-effective build service
  • Compact design to ease handling and positioning issues
  • Comprehensive site surveys can be undertaken to determine the interface requirements
  • Operated using standard mineral oil or environmentally friendly non-marine pollutant fluid
  • Experienced engineers provided for system installation, commissioning and training
  • Air operated HPU eliminates the zone rating issues associated with electric units.
Flexible commercial terms are offered – with both sale or rental contracts available. We can supply complete systems including riser tension rings, c-plates and HPU’s, or modular packages that will interface with your existing equipment or rig.

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