Riser tension rings

Claxton is the de facto market leader in the supply of high quality, rugged conductor and riser tension rings.

We invented the positive grip tension ring – a design that has been much-copied around the industry. However the original design can only be supplied by us.

Our riser experience pioneered, and then refined, the positive grip tension ring…

Positive Grip Tension Rings
Claxton has unparalleled experience in tension rings and systems. We pioneered the original Positive Grip tension ring – which, using interchangeable machined slips, is installed on slick pipe of all sizes, weights and grades – saving rig time, eliminating ‘space out’ issues and removing the need for welding.

Slimline Tension Rings
Time Saving: The Claxton Slimline tension ring can be taken from a container directly onto the drill floor, attached to the riser and the riser and tension ring can be run through the rotary table together, saving rig time. Designed in-house by Claxton, the slimline tension ring maintains the rugged performance we expect of more traditional designs despite being significantly smaller.

Many rigs already call Claxton when they need a tension ring.
Here’s why…

Unique Experience
Our riser tension ring designs are in successful use by numerous operators and have been much-copied by the competition. However, the technical expertise that created our tension rings can only be found within Claxton.

Flexible Supply
We have a well-earned reputation for flexibility, so if you have a project-specific application remember our tension rings can be dressed with slips for non-standard pipe sizes. We can also rapidly manufacture bespoke rings for project-specific applications.

Proven Quality
Our riser tension rings have proven to be reliable on rigs working all around the world… meaning you can trust them to perform on your project.

Rapid Mobilisation
Claxton has a large fleet of tensioning equipment, much of which is ready for ‘from stock’ call-off. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

Claxton also supplies full drilling riser systems up to 12,200psi HPHT applications, tension systems and holds a huge inventory of crossovers, DSA’s, overshots and other rental tools.

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