Conductor cementing support system

Claxton’s new conductor cementing support system can save between 12 and 18 hours of rig time on each conductor being installed.

Recently it has become increasingly common for operators to install a jacket, drill through the jacket structure and batch-set the platform’s conductors, ready to install the topsides at a later date. A rig is brought over the jacket and used to run the conductors – and traditionally the rig would have to hold each conductor in place whilst the cement cured, typically requiring that the rig hold the conductor between can save between 12 and 18 hours.

Built bespoke for your development, the conductor cementing support system from Claxton completely negates wasting rig time to wait for the cement to cure. By securing the conductor with an easy-to-engage jack and clamp mechanism, the system holds the weight of the conductor in place allowing the cement job to cure for the necessary amount of time.

The rig no longer has to hold each conductor and can therefore skid over to the next slot and begin running another.

It is possible to increase efficiencies even further with this system by having two conductor cementing support systems running simultaneously on a project. Whether one or two systems are used, the process massively reduces time required to batch-set and delivers rig time savings in the multi-millions when installing multiple conductors.



  • No crane needed – Thanks to a compact design, the system uses heavy-duty castors and does not require the use of a crane or rig to reposition within the well bay/platform structure.
  • Small footprint – Space is always at a premium offshore – so the CCSS is designed so the jacking element can be deployed and retrieved through the diverter housing (49.5″ diameter ID housing).
  • Flexible by design – Built to order, the system is completely tailored to your platform and project specification – something our in-house design team can do with ease.
  • Fits to your installation schedule – The system can be split in half, giving you flexibility on whether you run the conductor before or after the system has been put in place.


Claxton’s has significant experience of the well conductor environment from installation through to abandonment. Thanks to this experience we have an intimate understanding of every phase pre-drilling operations – as just one example of this focus: 55 major developments benefit from our pre-drilling templates. The conductor cementing support system is derived from decades of well conductor experience, saving an inordinate amount of rig time and delivering scheduling enhancements across your entire operation as a result.

The Claxton conductor cementing system has already been used successfully in the field on projects for major operators in the North Sea.

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