Well Recovery System

The Claxton well recovery system – WellRaizerTM, has been designed to recover oil and gas wells from offshore installations without the use of a jack-up rig or platform based drilling derrick, once the downhole/sub-seabed severance has taken place.


Designed, engineered, and developed by Claxton, the modular conductor recovery system offers a safe working load (SWL) lifting capacity of up to 300 metric tonnes, provided by hydraulic cylinders with a dedicated hydraulic power unit, and can recover pipe in 40ft lengths. This high lift capacity has also been designed to skid efficiently in both the ’X’ and ‘Y’ axes between each well slots under its own power.

WellRaizerTM comprises both a static and travelling elevator which grip the tubular sections via two powered slip packages. The unit also incorporates material handling cranes to remove reliance on the main crane for smaller operations.

The well recovery system has also been developed to meet design codes and standards for work on the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS) including: NORSOK Z-015, NORSOK R-002, API 4F, API 8C, DNV 2-7.1, and DNV 2-7.3.

Other benefits of WellRaizerTM

  • Lightweight modular units minimize rig-up time as no component weighs over 10Te
  • By staying compact the dependency on weather in regions like Norway are also reduced
  • Operates ‘Safe Systems of Work’ (SSOW) including providing a safe area for technicians during drilling and pinning, severance operations on the work platform, and restraining the conductor during severance operations
  • Allows efficient deployment of the Claxton SABRETM Subsea Abrasive Cutting system down hole for cutting operations.

WellRaizer™ Deck Spread

Designed with flexibility in mind, WellRaizer™ is fully modular and adapts to a wide variety of deck layouts and locations.

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