Tubing bandsaws

Claxton tubing bandsaws are proven to sever tubing joints quickly and effectively. Our cutting and recovery fleet includes multiple options for severing casing and tubing and our tooling can be supplied on a rental basis (without or without personnel), or combined with other Claxton cutting equipment as a complete package for ‘turnkey’ cutting and recovery operations on larger projects.

These tools enable efficient tubing retrieval for:

  • Well abandonment or slot-recovery operations
  • Applications where the tubing is heavily corroded or where reuse is not planned

Our RAPIER™ tubing bandsaws are electrically powered and fully compliant for zone II environments. They do not require additional power packs and are classified to operate under a ‘cold’ permit to work.

Other features include:

  • High flexibility to facilitate severance of tubing ranging from 2- to 10 in diameter
  • Fast, safe set-up and straightforward operation.
  • Complete package – full tooling and back-up consumables provided.

Tubing bandsaws are just one part of our complete cutting tool range – contact us today to discuss how  Claxton’s cutting and recovery experience can help with your project.

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