Suspended well abandonment tool

Claxton has successfully deployed our cutting, abandonment and recovery tooling across the world for our customers. This includes many category 2 wells of which all required a shallow cement barrier spanning through all of the casing annuli. This experience directly influenced the development of our multi-award winning Suspended Well Abandonment Tool – SWAT™. Delivered in conjunction with our sister company, InterMoor, SWAT™ opens the opportunity for innovative, cost saving multi-operator campaigns.

The suspended well abandonment tool

The suspended well abandonment tool being used offshore.


SWAT™ is deployed through a moonpool, landed on the wellhead and then used to carry out casing perforation and placement of the required cement barriers in the well. The wellhead can then be severed using SABRE™ subsea  abrasive cutting tool and recovered using the Claxton subsea wellhead recovery tool.

 Suspended Well Abandonment Tool benefits

  • Deployed from a vessel, removing the need for a drilling rig
  • A one-stop solution to place the final cement barrier across all annuli
  • Single-pass cementing and pressure testing
  • Deployed as part of a total suspended subsea well abandonment package
  • Proven across multiple successful offshore campaigns

Multi-Award Winning
The first tool of its type, SWAT™ holds the Queen’s Award for Innovation in the UK, and the prestigious Petroleum Institute Platinum Award for Innovation.

SWAT™ extension module
The Claxton extension module for SWAT™ enables us to set environmental barriers and intermediate barriers, increasing the number of wells that can be abandoned
using rigless – vessel based tools and delivers cost-saving opportunities.

The extension module utilises Claxton’s existing SWAT™ tool to enable cement to be displaced to the required location in the well. A wiper ball is positioned before and after the cement column, which ensures that the bore is cleaned ahead of the cement column, and that the cement is isolated from contamination. The cement is then displaced to the required position in the well by pumping seawater to the required depth. In the most recent well abandonment campaign, the top of the barrier was displaced to 2400 ft below mudline.

TACRT – Temporary Abandonment Cap Retrieval Tool
The Claxton TACRT provides a diverless solution for the removal of temporary abandonment caps from mudline wells. The tool has been designed to be deployed from a vessel and utilises a bespoke joint connection to facilitate easy make/break of extension joints. The tool is capable of retrieving caps in excess of 100 ft below mudline.

Unique, joined up Acteon Group capability
Claxton and its sister company InterMoor combine their onshore and offshore engineering experience to deliver a unique well abandonment capability and open the door to vessel based subsea decommissioning campaigns.

InterMoor have extensive experience of delivering turnkey solutions for well P&A of suspended wells and provide our Suspended Well Abandonment Tool – SWAT™ through an exclusive partnership.

This union of Claxton’s tooling and InterMoor’ project delivery gives operators a reliable and economical alternative to abandon Category 1 and Category 2 wells. Using a light weight construction vessel negates the need for a rig which can significantly reduce project costs.

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