SABRE subsea abrasive cutting system

What our animation of our SABRE subsea abrasive cutting system and see how it can help you to abandon your wells.

The Claxton SABRE Subsea Abrasive Cutting System operational (Paragon - B391 jack-up)

The Claxton SABRE abrasive cutting system is proven to simultaneously sever all the casings in a well, regardless of casing loading, eccentricity, or annuli contents. SABRE is proprietary Claxton technology. This video is courtesy of Exceed who worked on the Paragon – B391 jack-up North Sea project with Claxton.

Decommissioning from Claxton

Our cutting and recovery tooling suite has made decommissioning happen for operators all around the world. See how Claxton’s tooling can cost-effectively deal with your well abandonments – reliably, successfully and safely.

The world’s first rigless platform well abandonment

See how Claxton engineered the world’s first rigless platform well abandonment – a pioneering project carried out in 2003 that paved the way for future rigless abandonment work.

ROV abrasive cutting footage

Watch ROV footage of test cuts on an uncemented four casing – 9.5/8″ to 30″- string.

Claxton overview

Watch our overview animation to see how Claxton makes it happen for risers, decommissioning and structures across the entire life of field. Turn your speakers on!

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