Subsea abrasive cutting

The Claxton SABRE™ abrasive cutting system is proven to simultaneously sever all the casings in a well, regardless of casing loading, eccentricity, or annuli contents.


SABRE’s abrasive water jet makes light work of multi-string casings. Shown here: the abrasive jet being tested overboard prior to being run for a subsea cut.

Proven technology

SABRE™ has proven to be an invaluable tool and has seen successful use on some of the most significant abandonment campaigns. SABRE’s abrasive jet exits the tool at transonic speeds – making light work of even composite materials such as cemented casings.

Using a jet of naturally occurring cutting components (garnet, water and air), SABRE™ has a low environmental impact. The system can be deployed from a vessel or platform, allowing simultaneous abrasive cutting of multiple well casings without impacting adjacent infrastructure.

Benefits of SABRE™

  • Casings can be cut and recovered simultaneously or individually
  • Can enter wells down to 6.5⁄8″ bore
  • Internal or external cutting applications
  • Modular system footprint can be adapted to a wide range of applications/deck layouts
  • Cutting manipulators available to suit all standard casing sizes
  • Packer system improves cutting performance through de-watering of the wellbore
  • Proprietary Claxton jet technology ensures cutting performance
  • Extensive track record – proven on numerous successful campaigns
  • Fully NORSOK compliant to Z-015.

SABRE™ Deck Spread
Designed with flexibility in mind, SABRE’s deck spread is fully modular and adapts to a wide variety of deck layouts and locations.

Sabre desk spread for the web

Claxton have continually invested in our team and proprietary tooling with the result that today the company has completed over 280 cutting and recovery projects. Contact us to today to see our experience list for SABRE™ or any of our conductor cutting services.

Fast, reliable, safe subsea multi-string casing cutting using SABRE™ abrasive cutting technology is only available from Claxton.

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