Platform well abandonment

With Claxton’s extensive knowledge and experiences of well decommissioning projects around the world, we define our unique offering as one that considers best practice that can be applied at different stages of the decommissioning process.

For platform well abandonments, we can deploy our innovative range of equipment along with providing our expertise in abandonment planning, P&A of the well and full recovery in order to support you throughout the whole lifetime of your project.

Claxton have built an enviable reputation in providing a rapid response to customer’s needs – whilst always seeking best practice solutions in the most cost effective and safe way. Our ability to combine our large rental inventory with a fast-track design-analyse-build engineering service means we’re often uniquely placed to respond quickly and responsively.

Platform Well Abandonment Services from Claxton include:

  • Full conductor and casing recovery packages
  • Recovery interfaces to facilitate rigless abandonment
  • Subsea internal abrasive cutting
  • Diamond Wire cutting
  • Casing and tubing bandsaws
  • Surface wellhead deconstruction
  • Cut verification
  • Marine growth removal
  • Abandonment planning and engineering

SABRE abrasive conductor cutting jet being tested offshore
Claxton’s internal abrasive cutting tool, SABRE, being tested overboard prior to a platform well abandonment operation… 

Our equipment has been deployed reliably, successfully and safely on over 280 cutting and recovery projects and our abandonment methodologies are proven to succeed. Contact us today to discuss your project, or to see our well abandonment experience listings.

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