Drilling and pinning

The Claxton drilling and pinning system provides an efficient method for securing multiple casing strings for safe recovery operations.

The system can be provided as part of a package that includes rapid cut bandsaws and/or subsea abrasive cutting for severance and hydraulic jacking systems for recovery. Our methodology enables simultaneous retrieval of multiple casing strings, and is designed to work independently of rig operations.

As a cold work technique our method is especially suited to abandonment operations where adjacent wells may still be in production.

Claxton drilling and pinning operation

An arial view of a Claxton drilling and pinning operation.

Features of our drilling and pinning capability include:

  • Single drilling units available for applications where space is restricted
  • Double drilling and pinning units available for simultaneous boring of both sides of the conductor and casings
  • Modular design with multiple handling points for ease of installation and operation
  • All units certified for zone II applications
  • Surface or subsea applications
  • Conductor end caps provided to mitigate dropped object potential

Crucially, when compared to conventional methods, using our system to drill, pin and recover the conductor means less deck space is required for the recovered casings – therefore disposal logistics are simplified and costs reduced.

Additionally Claxton has significant experience in drilling and pinning aged conductors (surface and subsea tools available) to ensure safe recovery.

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