Cold cutting

Claxton cold cutting equipment is widely used in decommissioning, wellhead installation and in tieback operations.

Flexibility is always a key requirement for offshore applications and our cold cutting systems can be adjusted on request to suit numerous applications.  Our  machines are air-driven, which makes them suitable for use in hazardous environments – making the system flexible to use for many on- and offshore cold cutting operations.

Multiple supply options are available – either tooling rental, tooling and personnel or full cutting and recovery packages for larger projects or to overcome operating challenges.

Claxton cold cutting equipment

Claxton engineers and cold cutting equipment on a land wellhead replacement project

Claxton cold cutting system benefits

  • Lightweight, sectional design allows easy installation and easy adjustment
  • Increases safety & improves operational efficiency
  • Relies on a rugged, field-proven design
  • Simultaneous cutting and bevelling

Claxton can also provide a suite of tooling compatible with its cold cutting machines to enable on-site machining services including; skimming of casings, flange facing and cutting of API / ANSI ring type seal profiles. This capability – and experience – is further enhanced by our fleet of cutting tools and services which include full casing and conductor cutting and recovery packages with multiple surface and subsea cutting options.

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