Casing & conductor saws

Claxton’s rugged casing and conductor saws quickly cut through single or multiple casing strings and provide a versatile solution for many casing and conductor severance applications.

Cemented annuli and casing string eccentricity pose no issue to our saws in the field.

In addition to cutting equipment we can supply complete cutting and recovery operations. This includes the engineering of recovery procedures for specific challenges – e.g. dealing with fatigued connectors.

Casing and conductor bandsaw

Conductor being recovered using a Claxton casing bandsaw.

Features of casing and conductor saws:

  • Extensive selection of saw blades ensure maximum efficiency on all tubular types
  • Rapid cut speed reduces rig time and associated costs
  • Captivation system ensures correct orientation of the blade
  • Small footprint and fully containerised control system lessens deck space required for recovered casings
  • Can accommodate tubulars up to 60″ OD, facilitating diverse severance opportunities
  • Innovative wedging system prevents saw blade jamming
  • Blade severance feature minimises saw down-time
  • Horizontal or vertical saw orientation facilitates application adaptability
  • The standard diamond wire saw can deliver fast effective subsea cuts in water depths of up to 600ft
  • RAPIER™ saw’s cold work technique reduces safety hazards allowing severance in most sites: it is certified for Zone II applications
  • Hydraulically powered for robust power and compactness.

Claxton’s cutting and recovery tooling has been used reliably, successfully and safely on over 280 cutting operations – contact us to learn more about how either our tooling or processes can assist with your project.

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