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Fixed blade centralizers

Stability from the splash zone to the seabed

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Fixed conductor guide centralizers are used at various levels of a conductor to provide stability from the splash zone to the seabed. These centralizers are installed within the subsea guides of a platform and/or at splash zone guide when riser analysis indicates the requirement for lateral support and a standard range of clearance tolerances.

Claxton’s structural fixed blade centralizer is a hinged design constructed in two halves with two bolting flanges. The design can include bumpers to prevent metal to metal contact. These bumpers are steel inserts coated with a polyurethane elastomer which is tough, abrasion resistant, durable and unsusceptible to UV and ozone.  

The size of this type of centralizer can vary according to the configuration of the conductor and associated guides. The length is also variable depending on the guide’s length and tally tolerance.

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Claxton, as part of the Acteon group, has global experience in environments from UK North Sea to low-load applications in the Far East and can call upon the skills of our sister companies – notably 2H Offshore – one of the world’s leading riser and conductor analysis houses.

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