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Drill bushings

Centralization structures for the drill string/collar

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Claxton can provide different designs suitable to project specific requirements, from disposable units made of wood and cement to retractable designs that allow multi-use on a batch campaign. 

Misalignment between drilled holes during spudding and the platform guides can lead to operational issues when running conductors and tying back wells. This difference in horizontal placement can also increase fatigue of the conductors as well as lead to poor cementing – both factors negatively affecting the life of the well.  

Misalignment can be mitigated with Claxton’s drill bushings which are centralization structures for the drill string/collar. They typically interface with the lowest level conductor guide of the platform of pre-drilling structure.

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Misalignment can be mitigated with Claxton’s drill bushings which are centralization structures for the drill string/collar.

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