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Bespoke centralizers

For non-standard applications or operating challenges

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We understand that when it comes to centralization, sometimes a bespoke solution is required. Claxton is experienced in complex projects where we have addressed even the most unique centralization challenges for our clients.

Claxton have developed new designs and methodologies for the centralization of conductors for new developments as well as for retrofitting or replacing centralizers for old platforms.

The installation of bespoke centralizers can present a variety of challenges to add to already complex drilling programmes or the upkeep of ageing platforms and conductors. Claxton can help simplify these operations by providing centralizers that will be fit for purpose and consider the available methodologies of installation and target schedules. We have designed, built and installed thousands of centralizers, so we can ensure that the process is as smooth as possible.


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Our experts are on hand to answer any questions and devise a bespoke solution to operating challenges.

A typical project  

A typical asset life extension project starts with a survey of the in-situ centralizers, access and clearance issues, a review of existing records on the platform, riser analysis and any other information of relevance for the design. From there, we build outwards and design the most appropriate centralizer and installation methodology. 

Claxton’s track record in bespoke engineering to solve specific operating challenges extends to centralizers where we have created special designs to cope with large amounts of vertical movementinnovative coatings to reduce conductor wear as well as the development and testing of new methodologies for the removal of old units offshore. 

Claxton have developed new designs and methodologies for the centralization of conductors for new developments as well as for retrofitting or replacing centralizers for old platforms.

Centralizers buyers guide Centralizers buyers guide
E-book download
Centralizers Buyers Guide

Download Claxton’s centralizer buyers guide for in-depth details on finding a bespoke solution for even the most challenging centralization projects.

Asset life extension case study pack Asset life extension case study pack
E-book download
Asset Life Extension Case Study Pack

Download the Claxton structural asset life extension case study pack for details on slot recovery techniques, centralizers, replacement platform guides and other bespoke solutions.

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Our expert view

“The need for unique design stems from the different requirements around the world. Some existing clients may simply ‘want more of the same’, whereas others are looking to focus on meeting specific challenges arising from a development. Therefore, Claxton creates bespoke centralizer solutions for every client. We design each one for a specific platform to maximise the protection it offers to the well conductor.”

Ann Vicens - Product Leader for Centralizers & Asset Life Extension, Claxton