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Providing vital front-line integrity

Centralizers demonstrate a rugged, safe, fit-for-purpose design that saves operational time and cost in all offshore applications.

Claxton, as part of the Acteon group, has global experience in environments from UK North Sea to low-load applications in the Far East and can call upon the skills of our sister companies – notably 2H Offshore - one of the world’s leading riser and conductor analysis houses.

Joined-up capability means we can handle centralizer projects end-to-end. This approach also ring-fences the conductor analysis from being too ‘led’ by design and gives a robust additional level of technical review.

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Experienced gained in over 5,000 centralizer installations enables Claxton to offer a simplified design for splash zone conductor centralizers on Total’s Martin Linge field.

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Centralizers buyers guide Centralizers buyers guide
E-book download
Centralizers Buyers Guide

Download Claxton’s centralizer buyers guide for in-depth details on finding a bespoke solution for even the most challenging centralization projects.

Asset life extension case study pack Asset life extension case study pack
E-book download
Asset Life Extension Case Study Pack

Download the Claxton structural asset life extension case study pack for details on slot recovery techniques, centralizers, replacement platform guides and other bespoke solutions.


why trust us?

Claxton is uniquely positioned to innovatively solve clients’ offshore operating challenges and add value to projects to achieve overall increased efficiency.

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Our expert view

“Claxton’s centralizer expertise is the result of thousands of successful installations across multiple designs and work scopes. We have supplied everything from relatively simple cellar deck models, through to complex remotely actuated designs and retrofits that extend the life of ageing assets. We effectively supply an operator’s frontline protection, correctly designing and installing centralizers to ensure a long fatigue life. Being recognised as the number one supplier to North Sea operators is a milestone we are proud of, and Claxton will continue to maintain its trusted position across all product lines.”

Ann Vicens - Product Leader for Centralizers & Asset Life Extension, Claxton