ULTRA LOW LIGHT subsea cameras

Poor water clarity and murky conditions can thwart most subsea cameras. Not so the Claxton ULTRA LOW LIGHT camera where a state-of-the-art camera module provides visual performance in nearly pitch-black conditions.

The Claxton ULTRA LOW LIGHT ¬†subsea camera works effectively in conditions where lighting is poor or the sea is murky. Using a light source in water with a large amount of particulate material normally results in ‘bloom’ as the particles reflect the light – reducing visual performance.

Our system negates this issue by eliminating the need for high powered lighting to assist with subsea visualisation. This makes the low light module perfect for conditions where clarity cannot be guaranteed – for instance in the wellbore or in areas with high currents.


A Claxton ULTRA LOW LIGHT camera module with optional slave light unit.

ULTRA LOW LIGHT subsea cameras provide the following benefits

  • Effective in light down to just 0.0003 lux
  • Camera module rated to 3,000m
  • Robust, easy operation control unit
  • Fully field-proven components
  • Ideal for low-clarity waters
  • Reliable performance for applications where silt is stirred up on the seabed
  • Standard file formats for easy transfer

Our range of subsea cameras includes multiple surface and subsea models  and our complete range benefits from being developed using experience gained on hundreds of jobs offshore Рfrom platform well tiebacks to subsea drilling template installation, we know our camera systems perform because we originally developed them to enable our own operations. Today, ever single subsea camera we sell or rent benefits from decades of offshore experience Рmeaning you can trust our systems to be reliable and perform offshore.

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