CRANE BOOM cameras

The Claxton offshore CRANE BOOM camera system is designed to assist crane operators in ensuring the safe transfer of loads even in ‘blind’ locations by providing a high quality vertical view of the lifting area.

Claxton offshore CRANE BOOM cameras are built using the same robust, offshore-proven technology as our industry-leading subsea  and downhole cameras, can be installed on virtually any type of crane operating in any environment.

Claxton offshore crane boom camera

The Claxton offshore crane boom camera with bracket.

Benefits of Claxton offshore CRANE BOOM Cameras

  • Unmatched visual performance – class leading zoom capability and high quality monitor system
  • Simple operation and easy set up
  • Used in daylight and low light levels without adjustment
  • Robust and compact design ensures suitability for cabin environments
  • Straightforward interface with existing crane design
  • Operates effectively in light levels down to just 0.12lux
  • Field proven in harsh North Sea rig environments
  • Best-in-class 312:1 zoom capability
  • EEx rated modules provided for controlled zone, or cross zone applications
  • High-resolution daylight viewable LCD monitor
  • Mounted on a custom designed pivot bracket and adjustable damping system to maintain a bird’s eye view of the work site

Safety Focus:
The system is supplied with a robust mounting bracket with integral damper and back-up safety wire link  – to prevent the camera from falling in the unlikely event of bracket failure.

Our crane boom camera system is just one example of Claxton’s extensive offshore camera range – our experience extends to multiple surface and subsea operations, meaning that we fully understand the rugged performance needed to ensure offshore reliability.

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