Bespoke Offshore Engineering

Claxton is often asked to provide bespoke offshore engineering solutions in response to our clients operating needs.

These special projects are usually planned by operators, but also often come about  as a result of unforeseen challenges РClaxton has over three decades of experience in working closely with clients to ensure successful resolutions to these issues.


Providing a powerful combination of fast track R&D, a huge call-off inventory of over 4,000 items and a world-class projects department, Claxton rapidly engineers solutions to operating challenges.

Because we believe fundamentally that innovation is only as useful as how easy it is to apply in the real world, you can be sure we’ll deliver a pragmatic and cost-effective approach.

We know your offshore project has to succeed and we’ll do everything in our power to overcome the operating challenges you face, working together to ensure you can deliver.

Visit our case study section to see just a few examples of this capability in action.

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