Well conductor repair & integrity services

All around the world, operators are faced with the challenge of managing an ageing asset base. Well conductor repair and associated integrity and asset life extension services are therefore a critical to maximise working life,  in terms of both time and economic value.

Claxton provides a wide range of field-proven services to extend the life of well conductors, repair them, or remove them.


An additional conductor guide Claxton designed and installed in the Irish Sea. 


    Claxton’s design team can rapidly engineer conductor clamps and sheaths to repair or reinforce aged conductors. This capability can be combined with annular grouting and composite coatings to cover the majority of day to day conductor repair issues.In addition Claxton can also repair damaged conductor strings using manual or hydraulic overshots. See an example project here.
    Centralizers provide service at the critical interface between the well conductor and platform jacket. Damaged, failed or missing centralizers can mean excessive conductor movement or wear of the conductor and associated guides. Additionally, centralizers are critical to ensuring conductors perform as predicted by any initial riser analysis. Claxton has installed thousands of conductor centralizers all around the globe. See Claxton’s centralizer products…
    When the guide structure around the conductors is in poor repair, Claxton can design, supply and install replacement guides, or whole guide arrays. One recent project saw Claxton provide a replacement guide structure that extended the life of the platform by two decades. Learn more about that project here.
    Claxton’s team have installed additional well conductor guides to help operators extend the value of their existing platforms. These additional guides can be used to either replace old wells where the conductor needs to be removed, but is in a position that means a new conductor can’t easily be run in it’s place, or to add new injection wells. See a recent additional guides project case study…
    If conductors cannot be repaired, or are corroded and the associated wells are no longer economic, Claxton’s proven rigless slot recovery tooling and process allows you to reclaim the well slot – as with an additional guide, this can mean creating a new producing well within existing platform infrastructure. Claxton has performed successful slot recoveries all around the world. Learn more about slot recovery from Claxton.

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