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Tools for new well production

Effectively recover slots to drill new wells

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Many offshore production assets are operating beyond their original design lives and this is prompting field operators to find innovative engineering solutions that extend production and maintain asset integrity, including re-utilisation of existing platform slots.

As assets age and their production declines, many operators are looking to extend their lifecycle by recovering or adding new slots and drilling new wells. Claxton has developed a range of equipment and services to solve these challenges and adapt project specific requirements.

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Our experts are on hand to answer any questions and devise a bespoke solution to operating challenges.

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For this purpose, Claxton can provide: 

  • Assessment and planning 
  • Cutting services 
  • Design and provision of conductor deflection tools (CDTs) or whipstocks 
  • Support equipment for the operation – such as the subsea drilling and pinning unit if the platform allows for the installation of new slots within its structure or adjacent to the existing wells  

Claxton can support clients with analytical work to confirm other wells will not be affected by the introduction of a new wellWe also provide design and supply of new guides, for splash zone, seabed and/or other subsea levels required by riser analysis.  

Claxton has developed a range of equipment and services to solve asset life extension challenges and adapt project specific requirements.

Asset life extension buyers guide Asset life extension buyers guide
E-book download
Asset Life Extension Buyers Guide

Download our structural asset life extension buyers guide for details on slot recovery techniques, centralizers and replacement platform guides.

Asset life extension case study pack Asset life extension case study pack
E-book download
Asset Life Extension Case Study Pack

Download the Claxton structural asset life extension case study pack for details on slot recovery techniques, centralizers, replacement platform guides and other bespoke solutions.

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our expert view

Adding new wells to existing developments can be complex. Careful interface checks must be carried out as well as thorough analysis to ensure the existing wells will not be negatively affected by the introduction of a new well. Designs must be consistent with the challenges that will be faced, so it is imperative that all technical authorities are involved in the early stages to ensure congruence between the proposed solutions and the methodologies of installation. 

Ann Vicens - Product Leader for Centralizers & Asset Life Extension, Claxton