Conductor guide centralizers

Claxton leads the way in offshore, conductor guide centralizers. During the last ten years we have installed over 6,000 centralizers for clients around the world.

Whilst appearing to be simple devices, centralizers provide a service at a critical interface between the platform structure and the well – where the conditions imposed upon them can be severe. Our extensive knowledge and total-system-approach means clients can be confident about our centralizers delivering the performance needed  to protect the conductor over a long working life.

Conductor Guide Centralizers from Claxton at a glance…


1. Cellar Deck Centralizers: Uppermost centralizer, in air, helps to stabilise tree and flowlines

2. Conductor Guide Centralizers (fixed): Used at various levels on conductor from splash zone to seabed to stabilise conductor

3. Conductor Guide Centralizers (adjustable): Similar to the fixed version but with adjustable blades to set gap – using patented Claxton technology

4. Can Type Guide Centralizers: Designed for deep water applications where there is significant vertical conductor movement

5. Retrofit Guide Centralizers: Used to replace lost or missing guide centralizers

6. Internal or Cementing Centralizers: To space out internal strings – allows cement flow

Claxton has a range of options within each of these types to cover numerous applications – contact us for more information.


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